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Burgers And Beyond! TasteeBQ Goes To The Super Bowl II

The Adventures of TasteeBQ

5 Super Easy Grilling Recipes to Make You a SuperHero

What a difference a year makes. This was the very first episode of  “The Adventures of TasteeBQ”, released on BuzzFeed in January 2013. We are happy to bring it to WordPress, in an updated edited version. For the past year, the original article/short story has been shared almost everywhere. It is being used as a language learning tool across the world, like in the Bengali-to-English Dictionary. Hope you enjoy.

For Original Short Story on Buzzfeed Burgers And Beyond! TasteeBQ Goes To The Super Bowl!!

Our hero TasteeBQ was called to the Rescue by Jill, a Damsel in Distress. Tired of frozen burgers and salty hotdogs for Super Bowl, Jill was determined to do something more exciting on the Grill. Plus, some of Jill’s expected guests were from the Tribe of Vegan. On a lifelong Mission to defeat his longtime archenemy Boren’GFood, our…

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Spice Rubs 101- 25 Ways To Transform Your BBQ Rub


by Mick Brown

Rub A Dub Dub, You hear a lot nowadays about Spice Rubs. They are being cooked up on The Chew and other popular daytime TV programs. Of course, every team on those Competition BBQ Shows is using a secret Rub. I hope to compete one of these days, under the right conditions. Would love to have the next “Award-Winning” Rub. But that’s a different article.

The terms Rub, Dry Rub, BBQ Rub, Spice Rub, etc… generally refer to a pre-measured mixture of seasonings. The word “Rub” is quite literally a noun and a verb. Most Rubs are used to marinate meat overnight. With gloves (preferably), you literally Rub the dry mixture evenly over the meat, using the natural meat juices to create a wet paste. This technique is used for Grilling, Smoking and BBQ all over the world. You can use it for Baking, as well…

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5 of L.A.’s Best Hidden Places for the Freshest Meats- Pt. 2- Where are the Fish Tanks?


by Mick Brown

It is no secret that the best meals start with fresh, quality ingredients.  In this new blog, we are talking about some of the hard-to-find places where you can send a Caterer for the best quality Meats in the Los Angeles area. Sad to report that the Fish Tanks have been removed at California Market, 4317 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA., 90004  ( I had driven past this place for years, with no idea of what they had inside. From Beverly Boulevard it may look like an abandoned grocery mart. The entrance is actually on the other side, facing away from the street. Once you enter their bustling parking lot, you know there is plenty of shopping happening here. I’ll pay homage to what was, while at the same time asking the title question. If anyone knows of somewhere else where fresh (edible) fish is sold from the tank, please…

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