Smoked Mussels and Oysters: For Parties or a Light Dinner

California Gold BBQ Rubs Recipes

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#smokedmussels #californiagoldbbqrubs Smoked Mussels with Spinach, Garlic and (yes) BBQ Rub.

Perfect for  a romantic night at home, or to wow guests at your next party. Smoked Mussels and Oysters can be expensive to order at restaurants. If they are available at your local grocery store or seafood market, it is easy to make delicious recipes at home. Whether you grill with Gas, Wood or Charcoal, there are many ways to infuse the dish with a nice smoky flavor.

You can take these fresh Seafood flavors farther by using a well balanced California Gold BBQ Rub for seasoning. POWER Rub comes with Lower Salt and Sugar and contains 15 ingredients, including Ginger, Cocoa and Garlic. HEROIC! has no added Salt or Sugar, and is made of 11 Superfoods, including Red Bell Pepper, Thyme and Garlic. Both blends provide an easy way to enhance all types of Seafood.

Recipe Overview- Smoked Mussels and Oysters…

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