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Recipe Video- The 3 Greatest HEROIC! BBQ Burgers, Smoked Chips, Grilled Watermelon Fries — BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown

Published on Sep 8, 2016 Not just another Burger Recipe. These delicious Grilled BBQ Burger Combos feature Superfoods, with Paleo and Gluten Free Options. Also, unique Grilled Watermelon “Fries” Recipe. Hosted by Chef Mick Brown, with footage from the Santa Monica Police Dept. 120th Anniversary Birthday BBQ, Kingsford Charcoal, Tastee BQ Grilling Co. (Los Angeles). […]

via Recipe Video- The 3 Greatest HEROIC! BBQ Burgers, Smoked Chips, Grilled Watermelon Fries — BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown


See You in San Diego for Father’s Day

Good News San Diego! Fresh from his winning Grill Master on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, Chef Mick Brown (of California Gold BBQ Rubs) has just added special Father’s Day Appearances at both Keil’s Food Stores locations tomorrow. Schedule permitting, he will be serving Food Samples and autographing bottles of HEROIC! Rub at the Jackson store from 10am to 12 Noon and at the Claremont store from 1pm until 3:00pm. See you there! View the full Cutthroat Kitchen episode “Grill or Be Grilled” by clicking below:

What’s That Smoking? 6 Easy Ways To Get Your BBQ “Smoke-On” at Home

California Gold BBQ Rubs Recipes

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#smokers Good News. You don’t have to build a custom Smokehouse to enjoy natural Wood Smoked flavors at home. Pictured: the Smoke Wagon by the Austrian Smokers.


1. Manufactured and DIY Outdoor Grills

2. Outdoor/ Indoor Custom BBQ Smoke Pits

3. Indoor Electric Smokers/ Devices

4. Stove Top Smoking

OK. Maybe you don’t own a custom built or manufactured BBQ Smoker. Still, it can be easy to add fresh Wood Smoke flavor to your cooking at home. Smoking always adds a delicious new dimension to foods. There are literally Thousands (1000’s) of Makes, Models and Styles of BBQ Grills throughout the world. When you add in the wide variety of DIY BBQ Pits and Grill hybrids created by home Grillmasters, the number can easily be in the Millions. We see Hundreds of photos of unique, homemade BBQ Grill creations each week…

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What is BBQ? The Top 4 Ways We Call Foods “BBQ”

California Gold BBQ Rubs Recipes

Basics of BBQ #1

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#bbqribs Ribs in homemade BBQ Sauce made with POWER Rub.

What is BBQ?

When you think about it, this could one of the World’s Greatest Mysteries. How did the word “BBQ” spread across the planet? Could it be with our language differences, it is just easier to say “BBQ” to describe tasty food? This all-inclusive term is used regionally around the United States, and in countries all over the world. It would take written volumes to describe all of the different styles. For the purposes of this Series, we will go over some the more common ways food considered BBQ is prepared around the world.

The Top 4 Ways the Word “BBQ” is Used:

#bbqchips BBQ Sweet Potato and Veggie Chips dusted with HEROIC! Rub.

1. Seasoned Foods– Many of these come nowhere near a grill, but are seasoned with dry mixtures that possess…

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Smoked Mussels and Oysters: For Parties or a Light Dinner

California Gold BBQ Rubs Recipes

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#smokedmussels #californiagoldbbqrubs Smoked Mussels with Spinach, Garlic and (yes) BBQ Rub.

Perfect for  a romantic night at home, or to wow guests at your next party. Smoked Mussels and Oysters can be expensive to order at restaurants. If they are available at your local grocery store or seafood market, it is easy to make delicious recipes at home. Whether you grill with Gas, Wood or Charcoal, there are many ways to infuse the dish with a nice smoky flavor.

You can take these fresh Seafood flavors farther by using a well balanced California Gold BBQ Rub for seasoning. POWER Rub comes with Lower Salt and Sugar and contains 15 ingredients, including Ginger, Cocoa and Garlic. HEROIC! has no added Salt or Sugar, and is made of 11 Superfoods, including Red Bell Pepper, Thyme and Garlic. Both blends provide an easy way to enhance all types of Seafood.

Recipe Overview- Smoked Mussels and Oysters…

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Why You Gotta Be So Rude? The True Recipe for Smoky BBQ Bacon Cheddar CheeseBurger Popcorn

TasteeBQ gets the final word on our encounter with Frankenfood (SpikeTV). Enjoy.

The Adventures of TasteeBQ

From: The Adventures of TasteeBQ

#Popcorn #MickBrown From the Video “Smoky BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Popcorn”

They say, “Can’t you just get over it…?” Forgive sounds good. TasteeBQ is not quite sure he should…

The show had it’s Season Finale last Sunday, but TasteeBQ is still processing What Had Happened… Our Hero had been invited to make an appearance on the new television Show “FrankenBites” on Smack TV. It is a Cooking Competition where Superheroes from all over the world compete for a Power Supply of $10,000 dollars. For the occasion, he created the perfect dish: Smoky BBQ Bacon Cheddar CheeseBurger Popcorn. So far, so good… until the show’s Editors got a hold of the tape.

This creative dish can be made with an outdoor Grill or in the kitchen with a skillet (or grill pan), oven and a homemade Stovetop Smoker. It includes all of the elements of America’s favorite Sandwich: lean Seasoned…

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Hot Lobster on the Grill

Use these secrets for the Best Grilled Lobster this Summer.

California Gold BBQ Rubs Recipes

#GrilledLobster #CaliforniaGoldBBQRubs Lobster on the Grill. Perfect for Summertime or anytime.

The weather is now perfect for Grilling. Some people do it more often (than others) to avoid the heat of the Kitchen. Also, Indoor built-in Grill Tops are enjoying a new popularity. No Grill? Hopefully there is at least a Grill Pan somewhere around. However you grill, it will deliver the perfect finishing touch to your next home cooked Lobster Dinner. Whether you Steam or Boil. Indoors or on an Outdoor Fire. Try this easy Recipe to give your taste buds a real treat.

You can even use it to jazz up pre-cooked or frozen Lobster Tail. Feel free to add fresh Corn and/or Potatoes to your Steamer/Boiling Pot and Grill. The secret ingredient is using an aromatic Spice and Herb Blend, like California Gold BBQ Rubs. HEROIC! is all natural with no added Salt or Sugar. POWER contains lower amounts of Salt and Sugar. They…

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